April 4, 2023

Construction Procedure for the Tour Guide Training Center

Representing Garúa, I was present at the issuance of the construction procedure for the new Training Center for Tour Guides of the Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann Foundation. This project will be the breeding ground for future guides passionate about birdwatching in Panama, and we are excited to be part of it. 🐦🌿

Álvaro Guerra Jované

Álvaro Guerra Jované

Co-founder at Garúa, Architect.

Panama Tourism Authority

Avifauna Foundation


Construction Proceeding Order

With an investment of 75 thousand dollars, the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) and the Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann Foundation delivered the construction procedure on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, for the construction of the training center for tourist guides specializing in birdwatching.

The center will be located at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and for its construction, we will intervene structures that are currently unused on-site, which will serve, from late 2023, as a training room and lodging rooms for scientists, students, and tourist guides, among others interested in ornithology.

Speaking about this project, Líder Sucre, vice president of the Avifauna Foundation, emphasizes the importance of "small things." Although the construction of a training center may seem like a modest step, it is precisely these types of initiatives that contribute to forging the human capital that Panama needs. Tourism, at its core, is about meaningful experiences, and this center will play a fundamental role in creating those experiences for both visitors and the Gamboa community.

Members of the ATP and the Avifauna Foundation visit the construction site of the project.

Members of the ATP and the Avifauna Foundation visit the construction site of the project.

In a world that increasingly values sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment, ecotourism has become a growing industry in Panama. With an astonishing diversity of birds, from vibrant hummingbirds to majestic eagles, the country has immense potential to attract bird lovers from around the world. However, to harness this potential, highly trained tourist guides are needed who can take visitors to optimal birdwatching locations and, at the same time, educate them about the importance of conservation.

In summary, the Training Center for Tour Guides specialized in birdwatching represents much more than the construction of infrastructure; it is an investment in the future of avitourism in Panama. Its focus on guide training, biodiversity conservation, and the promotion of sustainable tourism promises to be a valuable asset for the country. The collaboration between the ATP and the Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann Foundation is paving the way for a Panama that is distinguished not only by its natural beauty but also by its commitment to environmental protection and the creation of unforgettable tourist experiences.

At Garúa, we are deeply proud to be part of this project and eagerly await its contribution to sustainable development and the preservation of our country's natural wealth.

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