April 1, 2024

Celebrating the Completion of the Shelter in the Tropical Rainforest

In our latest endeavor, we highlight the teamwork between designers and builders to create this space in harmony with the natural environment. This project exemplifies how the synergy of diverse talents leads to architectural success.

Héctor Ayarza

Héctor Ayarza

Co-founder of Garúa, architect, professor, and researcher.


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Shelter in the Tropical Rainforest

© Alfredo J. Martiz J.

Designed to host the training of tour guides, this project is part of the ecotourism campus of the Eugene Eisenmann Avifauna Foundation, nestled in the lush nature of the Panamanian tropical rainforest. With its trails, observation tower, and visitor center, this complex offers a unique experience of interpreting natural heritage.

Column Anchor Point Marking Column Anchor Point Marking. © Alfredo J. Martiz J.

The Shelter is a multifunctional space conceived for collective teaching, accommodation, and relaxation activities, adapting with versatility to these needs. But beyond its design, this work represents the confluence of Garúa's architectural vision and the invaluable experience of construction workers.

Layout of Exterior Columns Layout of Exterior Columns. © Alfredo J. Martiz J.

As writer Jon R. Katzenbach aptly expressed, "teamwork implies commitment to a relevant purpose and meaningful goals." And it is precisely this commitment that made it possible to materialize the project under challenging conditions during the demanding rainy season in the relentless tropical forest.

Welding Works of the Truss Welding Works of the Truss. © Alfredo J. Martiz J.

We must highlight the commendable work of the artisans who skillfully erected this complex geometry under adverse circumstances. Their dedication and empirical knowledge enriched our experience. We deeply value teamwork and knowledge exchange in every project.

Builder and Architect Reviewing Details Builder and Architect Reviewing Details. © Alfredo J. Martiz J.

The Refuge is a testament to how architecture transcends blueprints and becomes a collaborative effort, where dialogue between designers and builders brings extraordinary spaces to life in harmony with the environment. This project is an architectural achievement and a testament to the synergy of combining diverse talents, experiences, and knowledge.

At Garúa, we believe that success lies in collaboration and harnessing individual strengths for a common goal. Teamwork enables us to achieve extraordinary results.

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